Harold Stratton

Harold Stratton (Serviceman):
Member of the 9th Armored Division, Company B, 6th Army Infantry Battalion

Mini Biography

Born in western Pennsylvania, Harold Stratton was the 6th of 7 siblings and 1 of 3 brothers serving in WWII. After crossing the Rhine River and engaging German resistance in 1945, Harold was wounded when mortar shells peppered the trees and landscape about his company. He was later awarded the Purple Heart.

After a month long recovery in Liége, Belgium, Harold returned to his outfit which had moved to Czechoslovakia where he served out the end of the war and then began work rebuilding airfields with the engineering core.

Following WWII, Harold returned to Pennsylvania where he worked primarily for U.S. Steel, and later, a prominent regional forge until his retirement in 1985. In 2011, he was surprised by receipt of a Congressional Commendation for his service over seas while attending a ceremony where he was to accept a Congressional Commendation on behalf of his brother, Royal.


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