Dale Anderson

Dale Anderson (Col. USAF Ret.):

Mini Biography

Dale Anderson learned to fly at a small airfield in western Pennsylvania where he soloed after just 4 hours of instruction. The decades that followed would see a multi-faceted combat tour during WWII and ongoing dedication to the development of pilotless aircraft.

Dale spent the early part of WWII as a test pilot and in the development of pilotless target drones. In 1944, he was deployed to England with, and operated tactically, the first squadron of B-17 drones that were developed specifically for use against German V-1 and V-2 rocket launching sites in Normandy. Dale personally trained all flight crews of the Eighth Air Force. In 1945, he was assigned to the 99th Bomb Group in Italy, serving as Commander of the 346th Squadron and later as Deputy Group Commander. All told, Dale Anderson flew nearly 40 missions and served to advance the technology that protects our nation and pilots to this day.

It is no small feat that in addition to his life of service, Dale was still flying at the time of his 100th birthday.


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